Don't let equipment theft or loss take you out of the picture.

What is GorillaSafe?

GorillaSafe is completely free theft and loss protection for your outdoor recreation gear.

Yup, not even one Bitcoin.

I love free things!

I love not having my stuff stolen!

I want to learn more!

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So, What Are All The Neat Features?

Register your item with a GorillaScan


With one scan of an item's GorillaCode you can register your item as yours and this cannot be changed or modified without your permission.

Sell, swap, or give away your item at any time


If you wish to sell, swap, or give away your gear simply transfer ownership of with a few easy taps.

Send out a theft alert and mark your item as stolen


Should your GorillaSafe protected item unfortunately ever be stolen you can instantly mark your item as stolen and send an alert to the local GorillaSafe community, and the authorities.

Report a found stolen item to the authorities or the owner


If you happen to see an item which has been reported as stolen via GorillaSafe, you can easily scan the item's GorillaCode to alert the authorities and the item's owner to the location of the stolen item, as well as be able to message the registered owner.

View an item’s maintenance



Sporting equipment can be a big purchase, as such you want to make sure what you're buying has been properly maintained. A quick GorillaScan will let you know how often and where your item has been professionally serviced

Know your item's ownership history and that it's the real deal


Always know the true history of an item you may be about to purchase. Simply scan the GorillaCode and know an item's previous owners, when it changed hands, when it was originally purchased, and that it is a real, non-counterfeit item.

And Remember, If They Can't Sell It, They Won't Steal It

All legitimate resale value of items marked as stolen with GorillaSafe is eliminated until the item is returned to its owner. In addition, a purposely damaged or removed GorillaCode is an immediate red flag that the item may be stolen. A record of all products featuring GorillaSafe will be hosted on the GorillaSafe website, so you'll know if the item should feature a GorillaCode.

If They Know Who It Belongs To They Can Return It

GorillaSafe instantly allows the authorities and the GorillaSafe community to know who a stolen item belongs to. If an item is stolen, the owner can activate messaging on GorillaSafe, allowing them to alerted when their missing item has be recovered and arrange for its return.

Did We Mention?

It's Completely Free?

(Yeah, we know we did, but just to reiterate, ZERO BITCOINS!)

Who We Are

We’re people just like you. We get out there and rip, ride, and shred all kinds of gnar (yeeahhhbruhhh). Sometimes we run. We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about putting an end to the problem that is theft of outdoor equipment and we think we have a pretty great way of doing so.

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